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Custom Dental Technologies

My denture keeps splitting!

by Pat Laliberte on 02/28/16

Patients need to realize that when a denture splits down the middle, it's not the dry white toast that broke it.  It's either a bite or fit issue.  When your denture teeth wear, the bite transfers from the lingual(towards the inside) to the buccal(towards the cheek). This causes the force of biting to spread the denture out instead of keeping it together.  Do that enough times and the denture will split down the middle.  When your denture doesn't fit anymore, the forces are spread unevenly.  Either way, a reline or a new denture is needed. You don't want to keep paying for repairs as this problem doesn't go away by itself.

Essix Retainers

by Pat Laliberte on 02/27/16

We have been noticing some of our essix retainers wearing through lately.  Our clients need to realize that some patients would be better served with a hawley retainer.  Patients that clench or grind their teeth at night will wear through the thin material of an essix much more than those that don't.  A little pre-diagnosis will go a long way towards patient acceptance.

Jets Win! Jets Win! Jets Win!

by Pat Laliberte on 01/26/16

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MIRs sleep appliance

by Pat Laliberte on 01/26/16

We seem to be having better luck with the mandibular inclined repositioner sleep apnea appliance than we are with the Herbst appliance.  It might be just the patients or the small sample size, however, as we don't do a lot of sleep appliances.  Or maybe because the MIRS isn't quite the hockey puck the Herbst is lol.


by Pat Laliberte on 01/03/16

As we head into a new year, we are again reminded how important communication is.  At CDT, we strive for the best in removable every time.  This is only possible with an excellent relationship between patient, dentist and lab.