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Fully Characterized                            Dentures Delivered!!
CDT   Custom Dental Technologies
Our dentures can be fully contoured and stippled for excellent light refraction and a life like appearance

We fabricate many different nightguards, depending on the doctors' and patients' preference.  The thermoflex nightguard is by far the most popular with it's ease of insertion when warmed and hard surface when cooled.  We also make hard nightguards with ball clasps for extra retention, Gelb Splints (a nightguard with acrylic only on the posterior teeth and a lingual bar), vacuum-formed nightguards for more of a clenching patient and the NTI, which is more of an anti-contact nightguard only contacting the centrals.  Feel free to give us a call at CDT if you have any nightguard questions. 
We made this custom
mouthguard for a football
player on the St James Rods team